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Een nieuwe huisstijl!

A new identity

corinne van kamp 0

The Flower

Ever since 2005 Flirt used the shield with the familiar flower as her brand logo, after 11 years we decided it was time for a change. Not only did I changed but my designs have also changed and evolved.
But of course I am, above all, still a flower girl, so you will still see the familiar flower pop up in my designs from time to time. 

The new logo 

The new logo is more refined and is more suited to the fragile female designs. But also the personal touch that is in every handcrafted piece, can now be found in the logo. The fine hand lettering did not spring from a pre made font, or graphic designer. No, just like my jewelry it originates from the same hands that crafted al the jewelry you have become to love. I hope by extending this personal touch in every fibre of Flirts identity, you will come to recognise and associate it with Flirt as much as the old.

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