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General Terms

  1. By placing an order, you declare to have read, understood and agreed to our general terms which apply to all services and products provided by Flirt.
  2. When providing us with size information be sure to provide the exact measurements. Flirt cannot be held responsible for inaccurate measurements provided by you, the customer. If in doubt always contact Flirt for personal advice about measurements and fitting.
  3. We cannot guarantee exact colour accuracy. Colours in real life may be different from the colours displayed on your device. This is due to the fact that every display is different and many displays lack the ability to give the full colour gamut available in real life. To be sure visit one of our retail locations.
  4. Handle your jewellery with care. Heavily damaged jewellery that has not been cared for properly is not subjected to service.
  5. Some jewellery items are unique, therefore, reservartions do not grant immediate right of ownership.
  6. All prices on our website are subject to the dutch tax rate of 21% VAT and do not include shipping rates. Shipping rates are calculated based on shipping distance during checkout.
  7. All products are shipped to you with insurance.
  8. All products are handcrafted and therefore every item is unique. Slight differences in product photos may occur, but they are just as beautiful if not more so.
  9. We do not sell shelf products, because our products are handcrafted there is a production period involved when ordering an item. Please keep this in mind when ordering a piece of jewellery as a gift for someone. Delayed delivery is not considered a valid reason for returns.
  10. In case of a shipping delay we will inform you promptly and see to it that you receive your purchase as quickly as possible thereafter. A Delay in shipping does not entitle you to any reimbursement or a damages.
  11. All offers and sales advertised on our website are non-committal and are limited by our supply and production capabilities.  

Circumstances beyond our control

Unabated the remainder of rights that are given to Flirt, in situations and circumstances beyond Flirt's control, Flirt retains the right to suspend your order or to dissolve the agreement without any legal preceding by informing you in writing, without Flirt being subjected to any liability claim. Circumstances beyond our control are, all situations deriving from shortcomings by Flirt that cannot be subjeted to Flirt's direct responsibility by law. (This being situations that are outside Flirt's control like the following, but not limmited to these examples; strikes and supply issues at suppliers of Flirt or logistical limitations at the companies that Flirt relies on).


  1. Jewellery that has been made to your personal preference or size is not part of our returns policy, but can be adjusted or serviced to fit your requirements. If a product does not meet your requirements you have 2 days after delivery to notify us about this. We require a detailed description to discuss a possible solution.
  2. If a product is not to your satisfaction we ask that you inform us within two days, clearly stating the reasons for return and supplying us with a clear picture of the product to determine if the product is eligible for return.

Flirt reserves the right to determine whether the supplied reason and state of the product are eligible for return. Flirt cannot reimburse shipping costs, missing, damaged or unreported returns.