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Most of the rings and necklaces of Flirt are available in different sizes, except the unique products. You can measure your ring size with a ruler, with a ring of your own (measure the inner size of the ring)
Please keep in mind that broad rings will fit tighter than petite ones. If you have any doubt about your size, just go to your nearby jeweller and measure it there.

Size Diameter Diameter inch Circumference Circumference inch
14.5 14.50mm 0.57inch 46.00mm 1.79inch
15.00 15.00mm 0.59inch 47.00mm 1.86inch
15.25 15.25mm 0.60inch 48.00mm 1.89inch
15.50 15.50mm 0.61inch 49.00mm 1.92inch
15.75 15.75mm 0.62inch 49.00mm 1.95inch
16.00 16.00mm 0.63inch 50.00mm 1.98inch
16.25 16.25mm 0.64inch 51.00mm 2.01inch
16.50 16.50mm 0.65inch 52.00mm 2.04inch
16.75 16.75mm 0.66inch 53.00mm 2.07inch
17.00 17.00mm 0.67inch 53.00mm 2.10inch
17.25 17.25mm 0.68inch 54.00mm 2.13inch
17.50 17.50mm 0.69inch 55.00mm 2.16inch
17.75 17.75mm 0.70inch 56.00mm 2.20inch
18.00 18.00mm 0.71inch 57.00mm 2.23inch
18.25 18.25mm 0.72inch 57.00mm 2.26inch
18.50 18.50mm 0.73inch 58.00mm 2.29inch
18.75 18.75mm 0.74inch 59.00mm 2.32inch
19.00 19.00mm 0.75inch 60.00mm 2.35inch
19.25 19.25mm 0.76inch 60.00mm 2.38inch
19.50 19.50mm 0.77inch 61.00mm 2.41inch
19.75 19.75mm 0.78inch 62.00mm 2.44inch
20.00 20.00mm 0.79inch 63.00mm 2.47inch
20.25 20.25mm 0.80inch 64.00mm 2.50inch
20.50 20.50mm 0.81inch 64.00mm 2.54inch
20.75 20.75mm 0.82inch 65.00mm 2.57inch
21.00 21.00mm 0.83inch 66.00mm 2.60inch
21.25 21.25mm 0.84inch 67.00mm 2.63inch
21.50 21.50mm 0.85inch 68.00mm 2.66inch
21.75 21.75mm 0.86inch 68.00mm 2.69inch
22.00 22.00mm 0.87inch 69.00mm 2.72inch
22.25 22.25mm 0.88inch 70.00mm 2.75inch
22.50 22.50mm 0.89inch 71.00mm 2.78inch
22.75 22.75mm 0.90inch 71.00mm 2.81inch