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Nieuwe webwinkel

Launching our new webshop

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New webshop

The passed months we have been hard at work to be able to launch our new webshop. Together with David Berghuijs from db-multimedia we have realised a completely redesigned website to meet our requirements and goals for the future. of course the new website is responsive(mobile), more user friendly and available for people abroad since we offer our shop to you in English as well.

Be sure to use our advanced search options to find exactly what you need. You can browse our website by text search, jewelry type, material, colour, gemstones, and more or you can view all products at once and use your personal filter selection to combine your preferences to find what you are looking for.

Flirt is spreading her wings

Since the start of Flirt we have been focused on the Netherlands, but we felt the need to explore outside our own country borders. That is why the website is now also  available in English. We are excited to make our hand crafted jewelry available to a much bigger audience and to see what new exciting inspiration and opportunities will follow. 

What's new

What better time to put in new features then during a complete redesign of the website.

Wish list

When registered you can maintain your own personal wish list. You can of course use this list to store your desired jewelry for yourself but you can also share your list with others. Quite handy for a special birthday gift!.


Instead of the newspage we had on our old website, we now have a blog. We will be using our blog to inform you about fun facts about Flirt, jewelry, fashion tips and from time to time we will invite other designers or artists to write guestblogs.

Payment and Shipping

With the launch of our new website we have also switched our payment provider to handle al payments through our webshop. In the past, all payments where handled by Ice Pay, regular customers will be familiar with seeing this name on payment details, but that has changed. From now on we will be using the Mollie payment service to help us offer the best and secure online payment environment we can offer. And with Mollie we will also offer more payment options such as PayPal among others that will serve customers abroad.

Do you live in Zoetermeer, lucky you! All orders shipped within our home town will be delivered to you for free! We do however ask you sympathy for slight delays in case of heavy storm or rainfall because hometown deliveries will be brought to you by bike.


If you sign up for our newsletter, you will get all the exciting news and special discounts send straight to your mailbox. We don't like spam ourselves so we will never send a newsletter more then twice a month.


Yet another account and password! Well no, you can now register and login to our website using Facebook. So no need to think of or memorise another account password.  But of course you can still use the old trusted method of creating an account as well. 

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our new website and products! If you have any questions or suggestion we love to hear from you! 

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